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This is not about Microsoft Windows. I can't help you with this operating system. Don't ask questions about Windows drivers. No, I don't have drivers for XP.

The status in the table refers to the latest backend version available on this page. For a list of scanners supported in the current official SANE release, see the SANE backend list.

VendorProductTypeChip VIDPIDComment
PlustekOpticPro U12CCDP98003 0x07b30x0001
PlustekOpticPro UT12CCDP98003 0x07b30x0001
Plustek1212UCCDP98003 0x07b30x0001
RevScanOrange R48TiCCDP98003 0x07b30x0001Rebadged OpticPro UT12
Genius (KYE)ColorPage HR6 V1CCDP98003 0x04580x2004
Genius (KYE)ColorPage Vivid III USBCCDP98003 0x07b30x0001


Latest backend-code is Version 0.02-9 and can be found here.
Older versions:


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