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This is not about Microsoft Windows. I can't help you with this operating system. Don't ask questions about Windows drivers. No, I don't have drivers for XP.

The status in the table refers to the latest backend version available on this page. For a list of scanners supported in the current official SANE release, see the SANE backend list.

PlustekOpticPro PT12CCDP98003
PlustekOpticPro P12CCDP98003
PlustekOpticPro P8CCDP98003 poor quality
PlustekOpticPro 9636TCCDP98001
PlustekOpticPro 12000TCCDP98001
PlustekOpticPro 9636P Turbo/+CCDP98001
PlustekOpticPro 12000P TurboCCDP98001
PlustekOpticPro 9636PCCDP96003 use option mov 4
PlustekOpticPro A3ICCDP96003 use option mov 5
PlustekOpticPro 9630P/FBIVCCDP96003
PlustekOpticPro 9630PL (Legal 14")CCDP96003 use option mov 1
PlustekOpticPro 96000PCCDP96003
PlustekOpticPro 12000PCCDP96003 reported as 96000P
PlustekOpticPro 1236PCCDP96003 reported as 96000P
PlustekOpticPro 9631PCCDP96003 maybe reported as 96000P
PlustekOpticPro 1230PCCDP96003 maybe reported as 96000P
PlustekOpticPro 4831PCCDP96003
PlustekOpticPro 600P/6000PCCDP96003
PlustekOpticPro 4830P/FBIIICCDP96003
PlustekOpticPro 4800P/FBIICCDP96001
PrimaxColorado 4800CCDP96001 same as OpticPro 4800P
PrimaxCompact 4800 DirectCCDP96001 use option mov 2
PrimaxCompact 4800 Direct 30-BitCCDP96003 same as OpticPro 4830P
PrimaxCompact 9600 Direct 30-BitCCDP96003 same as OpticPro 9630P
AriesScan-It Pro 4800CCDP96001 use option mov 2
Genius (KYE)Colorpage Vivid III V2CCDP98003 poor scan quality


Latest backend-code is version 0.43-12 and can be found here.
Older versions:
The "historical" versions can be found here.


Howto install...

In general, you should first download the latest SANE version from SANE... More instructions will come soon....


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