This page hosts the Plustek backend. Historically the backend has been used to control parallel-port devices from Plustek. Later it has been redesigned to support their USB devices. The current code supports a great variety of scanner, all based on the National Semiconductor chipset LM9831, LM9832 and LM9833 (aka Merlin). And in the meantime, although this backend is called Plustek backend it will not controll other Plustek USB devices than the listed below.

This is not about Microsoft Windows. I can't help you with this operating system. Don't ask questions about Windows drivers. No, I don't have drivers for XP.

The status in the table refers to the latest backend version available on this page. For a list of scanners supported in the current official SANE release, see the SANE backend list.

VendorProductTypeChip VIDPIDComment
Plusteknot identified yetCCDLM9832 0x07b30x0005
Plusteknot identified yetCCDLM9832 0x07b30x0007
Plusteknot identified yetCCDLM9832 0x07b30x000F
PlustekOpticPro U12CCDLM9831 0x07b30x0010
PlustekOpticPro U24CCDLM9831 0x07b30x0011
Plusteknot identified yetCCDLM9832 0x07b30x0012
PlustekOpticPro UT12CCDLM9831 0x07b30x0013
Plusteknot identified yetCCDLM9832 0x07b30x0014
PlustekOpticPro U24CCDLM9832 0x07b30x0015
Plusteknot identified yetCCDLM9832 0x07b30x0016
PlustekOpticPro UT12CCDLM9832 0x07b30x0017
PlustekOpticPro UT16CCDLM9832 0x07b30x0017
PlustekOpticPro UT24CCDLM9832 0x07b30x0017
MustekBearPaw 1200CCDLM9831 0x04000x1000
MustekBearPaw 1200CCDLM9832 0x04000x1001use option mov 1
MustekBearPaw 2400CCDLM9832 0x04000x1001
KYE (Genius)ColorPage-HR6 V2CCDLM9832 0x04580x2007
KYE (Genius)ColorPage-HR6 V2CCDLM9832 0x04580x2008
KYE (Genius)ColorPage-HR6ACCDLM9832 0x04580x2009
KYE (Genius)ColorPage-HR7CCDLM9832 0x04580x2013
KYE (Genius)ColorPage-HR7LECCDLM9832 0x04580x2015
KYE (Genius)ColorPage-HR6XCCDLM9832 0x04580x2016
Hewlett PackardScanjet 2100CCCDLM9831 0x03F00x0505
Hewlett PackardScanjet 2200CCCDLM9832 0x03F00x0605
EpsonPerfection 1250/PhotoCCDLM9832 0x04B80x010FUSE SANE 1.0.10 or version >= 0.45
EpsonPerfection 1260/PhotoCCDLM9832 0x04B80x011DUSE SANE 1.0.10 or version >= 0.45
See also Epson 1260 Section
Umax3400CCDLM9832 0x16060x0050
Umax3400/3450CCDLM9832 0x16060x0060use option enableTPA 1
for TPA support
Umax5400CCDLM9832 0x16060x0160
CanonN650U/N656UCISLM9832 0x04A90x2206
CanonN1220UCISLM9832 0x04A90x2207
CanonD660UCCDLM9832 0x04A90x2208
CanonN670U/LiDE20CISLM9833 0x04A90x220D
CanonN1240U/LiDE30CISLM9833 0x04A90x220E
CanonLiDE25CISLM9833 0x04A90x2220
SyscanTravelScan 662CISLM9832 0x0a820x6620Sheetfed device
Portable Peripheral Co., Ltd.Q-Scan USB001CISLM9832 0x0a530x1000A4 Sheetfed device

EPSON 1260 specific section

There is support for this scanner at least since SANE-1.0.8 but please use SANE-1.0.10 or higher, as the other versions will damage your scanner. The motor settings turned out to be wrong. This problem has been fixed in SANE-1.0.10 and higher or with backend code 0.45-5 or higher.

If it is already too late and your EPSON won't work anymore and there's no way to return it back to the store where you have bought it, you might wan't to repair it on your own. The mail from Thorsten Schnebeck describes what to do.

On Tobias Nährings' electronics page you can find a description for a special power-supply with over-current protection for the EPSON 1260 and a lot of information why the fuse gets blown...

AGAIN: !!! DO NEVER USE SANE-Versions BELOW 1.0.10 FOR THE EPSON 1260 !!!



Latest backend-code is version 0.52-3 and can be found here.
Older versions:

Historical versions can be found here.


Howto install...

In general, you should first download the latest SANE version from SANE... More instructions will come soon....


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