The idea of this page is to provide information about which Plustek scanner is supported by which SANE backend. Every Plustek scanner should be listed here, at least in a category like "all parport scanners". For Plustek scanners that are not supported currently all available information is listed. Please contact me when there are new scanners or when a scanner is supported by a backend.

At least, I guess you are looking for the old page.

USB scanners

Supported by the Plustek backend:

OpticPro U12, OpticPro UT12, OpticPro UT16, OpticPro U24, OpticPro UT24

Supported by the U12 backend:

OpticPro U12 (Product ID: 0x0001), OpticPro UT12 (Product ID: 0x0001), OpticPro 1212U

Supported by the GT68XX backend:

OpticPro 1248u, OpticPro U16B(+), OpticPro UT16B: CCD scanner

OpticSlim 1200, OpticSlim 2400: CIS scanner

OpticSlim M12: Sheet-fed scanner

Not supported by any SANE backend

OpticPro A3U, OpticPro S6, OpticPro S12, OpticPro ST12, OpticPro ST16, OpticPro S24, OpticPro ST24, OpticPro S28, OpticPro ST28, OpticPro ST48, OpticPro ST64, OpticPro UA18, OpticSlim 2420

OpticWorks 2000: Mutlifunction device.

OpticBook 3600: Book scanner.

OpticFilm 7200: USB Filmscanner.

OptiCard 600+: USB business card reader.

For general information on USB scanners supported by SANE: Jonathan Buzzards universal serial bus (USB) scanners page.

Parallel port scanners

Supported by the Plustek Parallel port backend:

OpticPro 4800P, OpticPro 4830P, OpticPro 4831P, OpticPro 600P, OpticPro 6000P, OpticPro 9630P, OpticPro9631P, OpticPro 1230P, OpticPro 1236P, OpticPro 96000P, OpticPro 9636P, OpticPro 9636P Turbo, OpticPro 12000P, OpticPro 12000P Turbo, OpticPro 12000T, OpticPro 9636T, OpticPro P12, OpticPro PT12, OpticPro A3I

Not supported by any SANE backend

Color 6000, Spectra 1200, ColorScan 6000,ScanFX, PageReader 800: Old parallel-port devices, often delivered with their own interface cards.

SCSI scanners

Supported by the Artec backend:

OpticPro 19200S

Supported by the Teco backend:

OpticPro 2400SP: Not tested but should work.

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